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Is your Soccer Organization looking for a better Youth Soccer Sports League Website? Do you want to save your organization and members up to 30 - 100%? 

 Today to get your youth soccer organization started with a premier soccer league management solution.   No risk or obligation on your part to sign up.  We build a custom soccer league website with your own website content for free and let you make the decision.  If you are not quite ready to sign up and have some time please take a minute and let us show you why ClubSetup is a better and money saving alternative to your current league sports website solution.   

Please read below on how to experience this site right now.

youth baseball websites

When you first visit the site you are visiting as an anonymous user --- Press the on the right side and enter the user name "guest" and p/w of "123456" you will be logged in as a parent.

Notice now that this parent “guest” has new menu items that appear in the left sidebar called Revolution and Tigers -- this is because the parent registered two children and they were placed on the these teams.  The system automatically places these teams in the menu structure to allow the parent quick access to their child's team pages for important team information. Clicking on the Revolution and Tigers menu items gives the parent quick access to the team schedule, standing, roster, team calendar, team announcements, and team photos.  

The ad's on the left sidebar are optional and change per page view.  If you decide to use the ad system, you receive 100% of the proceeds. Notice the soccer league sponsors tab in the menus, click on some of the sponsors.  The sponsors (without the aid of volunteers) can purchase, pay, and create stunning ad's where each sponsor has their own dedicated page thus saving your volunteers the extra work and appeasing your sponsors.  

Standard with each website is a team store where you raise additional funds for your league.

Your youth football website comes standard with many other convenient apps such as the League Classifieds, and a Lost and Found section.  Both of these apps allow registered users to post and search for items which results in convenience for your membership and a huge time saving for your volunteers.

More Soccer League Website Features:

Secure Registrations and Reporting with the LOWEST Transaction Rates
- Easily create online registration forms
- Free merchant account setup that deposits money into your organization's account versus your vendors account
- The LOWEST interchange rate plan with Credit Card rates only .08 basis points over published interchange rates - NO tiered rates!
- Built in reporting tools that easily give you the Who? What? and How Much? for online registrations.

Complete Soccer League Scheduling
- Generate your own schedule or easily import your schedule
- Tournament bracket software
- Auto populate team pages and organization calendars with schedules

Integrated and useful apps for your members
 - A Sports League Classified section that allows your members to sell or look for used sporting items saving them money
 - A Lost and Found section that allows your members to post lost and found items on your site

Integrated Volunteer Management
- Easily automate and manage signups for volunteer events such as snack shack or field set up
- Referee signups

- Encourages your league users to help support each other saving time for your league volunteers

- Easily solicit input from your membership

Fund Raising Tools
- Your own integrated banner advertising
A thermometer based fund raising tool that is integrated with your payment system
- Sponsor page that automatically populates after a sponsorship purchase
- Your own Football e-store without any restrictions and built in reporting

One Click Messaging and Notification and Social Media integration
- Quickly notify your entire organization, or division, or team
- Facebook and Twitter integration

Best yet ClubSetup offers the lowest total cost for your youth sports website solution - If you would like to compare rates and understand ClubSetup fee’s please go to  to see how ClubSetup compares in pricing to other league website vendors make sure you go to the bottom of that page.   

Our SPECIAL OFFER to get you started today:

- Build a fully functional test website with a custom soccer theme and your own content.

- Create admin rights so you can experience the software’s behind-the-scenes workings.

- Free phone consultation to better identify your needs and tailor a custom solution. 

 Today to get your youth soccer organization a great league website have your league members save on costly registration fees. 

To learn more about ClubSetup watch our short YouTube Video!

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